About NIIST, Trivandrum

NIIST is a constituent Laboratory of CSIR, India engaged in R&D Programs in the area of Agroprocessing, Chemical Sciences, Materials & Minerals, Biotechnology and Process Engineering and Environmental Science & Technology. The programmes have a blend of basic research and technology development & commercialisation; have specific thrusts on frontier areas of research, National Mission Projects, regional resource-based activities and R & D - Industry - Academia linkages. The Laboratory has excellent collaborative programmes with major National & International agencies too.


The advent of powerful Electron Microscope and allied micro analytical ancillary instruments has heralded a new era in science enabling the scientists, engineers, doctors and academicians to observe and understand the structural changes occurring at nano meter scale. The performance and usability of microscopy to be further taken to next level where new discoveries on structure property relation ships of materials become possible at ever decreasing scales. The implications are far reaching for biology, medicine, material science and metallurgy, forensic science, environmental studies and a numerous other fields of scientific exploration of vital importance to mankind. Electron Microscopy allows us to follow the evaluation of ultra structural details so as to have a complete understanding of cells, virus, microorganisms and a wide variety of deformations in infected cells and tissues. 

            It is gratifying to note that our department is attempting to highlight the diverse applications of Electron Microscopy that are vital importance to science and develop special capabilities in the country.

Dr. Peter Koshy,HOD,Department of Electron Microscopy.